Thursday, November 27, 2008


SOMOS has gone live on the Internet. The web site is now functional, the Email Group List is being compiled and this BLOG is officially launched today. Please contribute to our BLOG and visit our web site for lots of great photos, information, race meet schedule for 2009 and lots more. Also, don't forget to take our POLL at the very bottom of this BLOG page.

While visiting out web site be sure to sign up for the SOMOS Email Group List by using one of the many "Email SOMOS" tools. Simply request to be added to the list. This email group list will be used to remind SOMOS members of upcoming race meets, distribute club related information and keep you informed of changes to our web site and other Internet communication tools.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Penny said...

WOW! What a great job you have done for SOMOS. I am still absorbing all of the neat goodies.
I wanted to post the current OTR standings since several Team SOMOS racers are on the Top 20 list as of the end of NOVEMBER.

TOP TWENTY OTR point earners in 2008 (through November 30, 2008 meets) 2008 OTR pts

1 Windyglens Blu Falcon of Ryhka Blu 4416 Darling 228

2 QuiXand Jammin N.I.M.B.Y. O'Farseer NIMBY 4483 Salts/Wilks 188

3 Lyth Bradox O'Shadow Run O'Brady 4715 Sowards 149

4 TCS Shadow Run Dominant Jeans' Jammin DJ pend Sowards 130

5 Devereux Bold And Beautiful Oliver 4477 Pumphrey 127

6 Oochigea's Epicentre Jocasta 4163 Woolf 125

7 Jammin' White Monkey Paw of K,ORC Monkey 4178 Salts 124

8 Knightwood's Porcupine Pie Tubbs 4711 Rooney 122

9 Wildabout Windwalker Stargazer Hayley 4548 Rees 120

9 Whippetview's Katillac Karli 4322 McKee 120

11 Jammin' Ruby Mist of K's Ruby 3485 Salts 111

12 Jammin' TCS Moroccan Mist MNM 4137 Mackey-Gersich 110

12 Shadow Run Sun Burn,ORC Ember 4457 Mackey-Gersich/Gersich 110

12 Wildabout Spirit of Windwalker Zinfandel 4466 Kelsey 110

15 Beauregard Chadra Dos Sans Bo 4660 Allen 109

15 Winemall Azeri Zeri 4787 Bolt 109

17 Wilikinig Wildair Simply Bodie Bodie 4776 Kemerly 107

18 Stormwind's Saleen Saleen 4499 Hilsky/Zeigler 106

19 Wildabout Miracle Mason Mason 4376 Rees 102

20 Wildabout Windwalker Bravissimo Bravo 4546 York 100

20 Marial's Fine Prince George Dash pend Vermeulen 100

20 Fallowfield Winner Take All Whiskey 4692 Vermeulen 100

20 Beastro Chadra Sans Dos Beastro 4659 Damant 100

20 Fallowfield Texas Aggie Aggie 4691 Vermeulen 100

Penny said...

how do we post to the somos blog?? all i can do is comment . We had a good practice session today and i managed to get all the bins straightened out in the garage and went thru each one to better organize all the stuff.
because of the expected freeze tonight we will be starting after 9am so the track has time to soften up. Even with the scratches due to "in seasons" and no sows we will have 40 whippets tomorrow and 8 greyhounds and 5 afghans and at least 11 borzoi.
To keep everyone warm we will be offering hot coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate along with cherry turnovers and banana walnut cream cake slices. It is going ot be a glorius race day.